Thoughty Auti - The Autism Podcast

with Thomas Henley

The Community-Based Podcast All About Autism & Mental Health

My name is Thomas Henley – Creator of the Thoughty Auti Autism Podcast, Commonwealth Gold Athlete, avid YouTuber and Honours graduate from the University Of Manchester

Thoughty Auti – The Autism Podcast

Welcome to the Thoughty Auti Podcast – Join Thomas Henley in his conversations with inspiring individuals from across the globe.

Inside the ever-evolving realm of social media, it’s often expected that we focus purely on information, but with this we can overlook the very human components of stories and experiences.

The goal? To learn; understand. To bring people together and talk about everything from controversial topics, to inspiring stories, and even engage ourselves in a dash of intellectual debate.

You can expect bi-weekly episodes that dive deep into stories, people topics and experiences.

Whether you enjoy the thought of having your very own corner on the internet to relate to, or you are looking for advice for dealing with life’s problems… This autism podcast is for YOU!

Thoughty Auti Podcast - Autism Podcast

Featured Episodes

Here you can listen to some of the selected episodes of Thoughty Auti – The Autism Podcast

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