Autistic Interview Candidate

Are you needing an Autistic Interview Candidate for a feature in the news or on your podcast? Being a Commonwealth Gold-Medal Winner I have plenty we could talk about.

Autistic Interview Candidate

What I Can Offer

Are you a journalist, production company or podcaster looking for an experienced and professional interviewee?

Look no further than Thomas Henley! With a Commonwealth Gold medal, honours degree in Biomedical Sciences (UoM), the world #1 Autism podcast, 2 months of backpacking in South Asia, experience in Special Needs teaching, an award winning documentary, and a significant online following…

His humanity, charisma and knowledge shines through his interviews, giving listeners an insight into the beauties and horrors of being Autistic and how Autistic people view the rest of society.

Get in contact with Thomas today to discover how much more he can bring to your podcast or blog. Book now and make sure that your audience get all of his insights on what it means to be Autistic.

Contact Thomas Henley today for more information about booking him for your next interview!

1-2-1 Autism Consultancy

Whether it is 1-2-1 Autism consultancy or as a group in the workplace, Thomas Henley can help you or your organisation reach goals to welcome Neurodiverse people.

1-2-1 Consultancy is a strong point for him - Thomas helps autistic individuals but he also works with neurotypicals in Autistic-Neurotypical Relationships. Find out more HERE.

Workplace Autism Training

Thomas Henley knows how important it is to provide the right training and guidance to ensure everyone feels included. That’s why his services focus on providing optimised Autism and Mental Health training sessions tailored specifically to your business's goals and desires.

Thomas can help you empower your team by creating an environment of inclusion and success! Find out more HERE.

Remember... employing autistic people is not charity, they will benefit your business long-term!

Speaking / Events

Thomas is a competent public speaker and presenter, able to deliver presentations or speeches for in-person and online events.

For more information - see HERE.

Interviews (Radio, TV, Video and Podcasts)

Thomas is a highly experienced interviewee, available for podcasts, TV, radio and blogs. Contact Thomas to hear more about the range of topics he covers.

To find out more information, click HERE.

Placing Adverts On Shows

Thomas runs a Top 5% podcast, 'Thoughty Auti Podcast' and a successful YouTube channel. Autism and mental health-related products are preferred, but he is open to advertising less niche products or services.

To enquire about advertising on a channel with Thomas, please read this page.

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