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Why Work With Autistic People?

9x More Likely To Die From Suicide
Autistic adults without a learning disability are 9x more likely to die from suicide – Autistic children are 28x more likely to think about or attempt suicide
Only 16% In Full-Time Employment
16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment, with 32% working part-time – Less than the 80% national UK average
7x More Likely To Suffer From Chronic Loneliness
Autistic people are 7x more likely to suffer from chronic loneliness – undiagnosed adults can often end up without a support network.
1 In 3 Autistic People Have A Mental Health Condition
Around 40% of autistic individuals suffer from anxiety disorders – 10-72% suffer with depression, but half those who took their own lives went undiagnosed.
Only ~4 In 10 Are Learning Disabled
Those with ASD-1 (previously known as Aspergers Syndrome) often have above-average intelligence, have special skills and excel academically in certain areas.

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