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with Thomas Henley
Autism & Mental Health – Self-Improvement, Neurodiversity, Awareness, Dating & Understanding
My name is Thomas Henley – Creator of the Thoughty Auti Autism Podcast, Commonwealth Gold Athlete, avid YouTuber and Honours graduate from the University Of Manchester

Aspergers Growth – Autism & Mental Health Videos

Welcome to the Aspergers Growth YouTube Channel – Join the Autistic YouTuber Thomas Henley in biweekly videos on Autism and Mental Health

The goal? To tackle tough topics, explain complex concepts, share opinions and spark debate… all with a bit of fun and humor! – viewers enjoy subjects such as: Self-Improvement, socialising, dating, social progressions & personal experiences

Whether you enjoy the thought of having your very own corner of the internet to relate to, or you are looking for advice for dealing with life’s problems… This Autistic YouTuber is for YOU!

Autism Advocate - Aspergers Growth Channel

Featured Episodes

Here you can listen to some of the selected episodes of this Autistic YouTuber

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