Thomas Henley

Autism Advocate & Online Content Creator

I’m An Autism Advocate Creating Youtube Videos, Documentaries & Podcasts

I'm A Podcaster

I host the Thoughty Auti Podcast – a informative and experiential take on Autism & Mental Health

I Am A Film-Maker

I am the Autism Advocate behind the community-based film “Aspergers In Society.”

Supporting Individuals On The Spectrum

An Inspirational
Autism Advocate!

Thomas: “Autism has made my life difficult in some respects, but I’ve found it can be an incredible advantage in many areas. I’m passionate, considerate, have strong moral values, can hyper-focus on topics of interest, and can approach all problems from an analytical/logical angle. All these things made me into the person I am today. I like being autistic, it’s a part of who I am as an autism advocate, it’s a Differbility not a Disability.”

Autistic Adults are 9x more likely to die from Suicide

Only 16% of Autistic Adults are in Full-Time Employment

Autistic Adults are 7x More Likely To Suffer From Chronic Loneliness

1 in 3 Autistic Adults Suffer From A Severe Mental Health Condition

Only ~4 In 10 Autistic Adults are Learning Disabled

YouTube & Podcasting

I am a self-taught content creator and autism advocate with over 10,000 hits on the Thoughty Auti Podcast, an autism-focused podcast, and upwards 200,000 views on my YouTube channel ‘Aspergers Growth’


With little attention given to the problems autistic people face, the documentary is a ground-breaking development in the world of film.

Community Engagement

I offer my time for public speaking for non-profits and radio stations, raising awareness of autism in the mainstream and pushing for new policies. Being an autism advocate requires me to interact regularly with autistic community, and feedback to the relevant organisations.

Autism Advice

I have a strong experience in special needs teaching, Biomedical Sciences and community work with autistic adults; offering advice on mental health, relationships, self-improvement and leadership.

What Is Autism?
Are We All On The Spectrum?

Helping other people isn’t just a passion for Thomas, it is the reason he gets out of bed in the morning and continues to battle his own hardships. A Youtuber and podcaster in his spare time, Thomas found that his words helped support other people in precarious positions. Being an autism advocate online, he is able to reach countries where autism awareness is sparse, and continue to support individuals in isolated areas of the UK.

9x More Likely To Die From Suicide
Autistic adults without a learning disability are 9x more likely to die from suicide – Autistic children are 28x more likely to think about or attempt suicide
Only 16% In Full-Time Employment
16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment, with 32% working part-time – Less than the 80% national UK average
7x More Likely To Suffer From Chronic Loneliness
Autistic people are 7x more likely to suffer from chronic loneliness – undiagnosed adults can often end up without a support network.
1 In 3 Autistic People Have A Mental Health Condition
Around 40% of autistic individuals suffer from anxiety disorders – 10-72% suffer with depression, but half those who took their own lives went undiagnosed.
Only ~4 In 10 Are Learning Disabled
Those with ASD-1 (previously known as Aspergers Syndrome) often have above-average intelligence, have special skills and excel academically in certain areas.

About Me

Thomas is a 24 y/o Business & Event Project manager for a non-profits organisation. Remarkably, Thomas is a former Commonwealth Games Taekwondo gold medallist, and owner of the ‘Best Male Fighter’ trophy for his heavyweight bouts. Furloughed from his previous job as Special Needs Teaching Assistant, lockdown proved a hugely stressful time for him. Thomas rose to the challenge of becoming an autism advocate despite the hardships, and is really making a difference with the opportunities lockdown offered him.

“I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 10 and became an autism advocate in my early 20’s. I am hypersensitive in many of my senses and struggle immensely with executive dysfunction – meaning I find it difficult to plan and act out my routine (even things I enjoy). I have fairly common meltdowns and spikes in anxiety, and due to my severe mental health conditions everyday life can be difficult at low points. However, social/communicative skills, scientific knowledge and media work comes naturally to me. I have a high IQ, I’m a passionate autism advocate, and I use my intellect to approach emotional/social and neurological differences in a unique and insightful way.”


“I met Thomas a few months ago on my ‘All things Autism Radio’ programme where during our interview he shared that he was in the process of creating his video piece ‘Aspergers In Society’.

In my opinion this a real insight on living with Aspergers Syndrome. Thomas has been creative by showcasing many individuals sharing their experiences and giving advice from their own personal, different perspectives. He’s an amazing autism advocate. Keep up the great work.”

Anna Kennedy OBE

Founder, Anna Kennedy Online

“I recently watched ‘Asperger’s in Society’ on YouTube, a film that highlights life on the spectrum and explores the connection between autism and mental health. I found the film incredibly interesting and engaging – it was really well produced and goes a long way in terms of raising awareness of what it’s like to be autistic with co-occurring mental health conditions.”

John Offord

Journalist, BBC

“One thing that I love about Thomas’ podcast series, is how he talks a lot about his own experience – as well as covering topics related to autism. I think that will really inspire many listeners, either who have a diagnosis of autism or who may be exploring whether they need a diagnosis. He’s been through a lot, but here he is communicating and sharing his experience with others”

Professor Simon-Baron Cohen

Director, Cambridge Autism Research Centre

“Thomas handles delicate subjects with poise and dignity; there is an effortless charm to his podcasts that lends trust to the listener.”

Andy Backhouse

Manager, Harrogate Community Radio

“Thomas’ film opens the door to the discussion of further issues in communities especially for those on the spectrum not receiving inclusion or support that they are entitled too, highlighting the issues to tackle them head on. Thomas is an amazing autism advocate with a lot of promise as the future of autism.”

Kellie Croft

Company Director, Born Anxious

“Thomas’ work gives a rare and valuable insight into life as experienced by young autistic people in a world and culture that is not optimised for them. Challenging the conception that there’s something “wrong” with autistic people, his documentary is a great opportunity to understand a perspective that is not readily visible in everyday life.”

Guy Shahar

Founder, The Transforming Autism Project

“Thomas has been inspirational as a junior ambassador for Fighting for Autism (Europe) in helping to raise autism awareness, but also highlighting the need for acceptance and inclusion. Getting to see this remarkable gentleman grow through his Aspergers Growth channel on social media has been a privilege to see.”

Paul Greaney

Trustee, Fighting For Autism

Become Your Own Autism Advocate. Let’s Talk.

Viewers have told Thomas that his ability to continue being functional and productive despite all the challenges he faces, gives people a lot of motivation to work on themselves. Of course that, in turn, has given Thomas the drive to continue his work as an autism advocate.

Thomas plans to use his recent Dimensions – Autism Leaders List award to help him access the mainstream media, to advocate for better mental health support for autistic people, and for more enlightened teaching about autism in schools.

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